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Landscape Maintenance and Care


Our Work:


Thank you for considering Landworks! My maintenance and care program is designed for each individual residence. The type of maintenance and care is defined in the following:



Lawn care:


  1. Your turf areas will be cut at the height of 2 ½” to 3” or as conditions dictate. Our blades and other machines are cared for weekly to prevent tearing of the grass blades and to assure a neat appearance each time they are used at your home. It’s my concern to only remove 1/3 of the new growth for a healthy and lush appearance of your turf.


  1.  A pre-emergence crabgrass control will be applied to all turf areas at spring time to prevent crabgrass seeds from sprouting. 


  1. A high quality turf fertilizer will be applied 5 times during the season. Timing, frequency and rate of application will be adjusted to meet the conditions of your turf.


  1. All turf areas will be sprayed to control broadleaf weeds, or as needed.


  1. All turf areas will be treated one time per season to control grubs.


  1. All Turf areas will be aerated 2 times (in the spring and fall)…or a 3rd time if needed.


  1. All turf areas will be trimmed /edged each week.


  1. Leaves will be removed from all turf areas each autumn.


  1. The use of fungicides and other pest control is a last resort; I will only use these products after we discuss the options available.


Shrubs, Evergreen and Groundcover beds:


  1. All beds will be cultivated and/or weeded to present a neat and weed free appearance.


  1. All groundcover beds will be trimmed or pruned.


  1. All shrubs and evergreens will be pruned or trimmed to remove current season growth.


  1. A pre-emergence weed control will be applied to all beds one time per season.


  1. A post-emergence herbicide will be applied to all beds to control weeds. 


  1. Fertilizers will be applied to all beds one time per season.


  1. Turf adjacent to beds will be edged 3 times per season to present a neat appearance.


  1. Leaves will be removed from beds each autumn.



  1. Perennial beds will be maintained as necessary and dead foliage and flowers cut back in the autumn.

Trees and Lawn Evergreens (8” trunk diameter):


  1. All trees and lawn evergreens will be spot pruned to remove dead or damaged branches and to develop the natural form of the plant.


  1. A cultivated and edged ring will be maintained at the base of all lawn trees where applicable.


  1. All trees and evergreens will be checked throughout the season for various pests and fungus.




  1. A thorough spring clean-up will be provided:

a.            To remove debris accumulated over the winter.

b.            Hand or power rake turf areas

c.             Aerating and fertilization of the turf areas, beds and small trees.

d.            Prune / trim small shrubs and trees.

e.            Correct bed lines and rake or cultivate beds.

f.              Cut turf areas.

g.            Mulching can be done at this time with either Shredded Hardwood or Leaf Compost.


  1. Autumn clean-up begins when the leaves are dropping and the perennials are shutting down. We will clean each week and remove debris until there is no more to do or per your request. We will do some minor pruning, mulch in the roses and other tender plants. I like to spray an anti transpirant on evergreens and rhododendrons. In some cases I will spray a deterrent for deer and other animals; I also will wrap certain trees to protect them from winter freeze/thaw.


  1. Throughout the winter season you might find me walking your yard to pick up debris and re-staking damaged limbs….I do not plow snow but I have on occasions, as a courtesy, removed snow from walkways for those that do not have a service providing this service.


  1. We will do our best to maintain your patios, walkways and driveways to keep them neat and weed-free.





  1. My crew is well educated, they really enjoy and takes pride their work and their relationship with you. I work with and supervise the crew weekly.


  1. Materials I use are applied in accordance with the manufactures directions; the environmental impact of the products will govern which is used.


  1. I will have adequate equipment and personnel to allow a timely completion of the weekly tasks.


  1. Landscape debris will be removed from your residence at the end of each working day.


  1. Certificate of insurance will be provided upon your request.


  1. I bill monthly for my services. I email my bills to your residence; please provide me with an email address.


  1. If you have a special occasion and you need a change of schedule on a temporary basis, I will do my best to accommodate you.



Thank you for your interest in my services and I look forward to serving you. My crew and I really have a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to enhancing and maintaining a new or existing yard. Please know that I will do everything in my power to keep my prices fair and competitive.


Best regards,




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